Healthy eating made easy

It’s easy for me to say, right? I’m a stay at home mom, so I have time during the day to put together a healthy, sensible meal. What about those who work or who have kids and they work?

I have always had a job until now – I started working when I was 15, worked through college, and continued working after that. When I had Will, I went on maternity leave, moved to Nebraska and am now taking time off to be with my little man. Finding time to eat healthy before now wasn’t as easy, but I still made it happen. How? Preparation.

When you prepare your meals a day or so in advance, that makes it easy for you to grab and go right out of your own fridge. Preparing has never been one of my strengths, but I’m making it one when it comes to healthy living.  One of my favorite food items I like to have ready in the fridge is a big yummy salad. It’s perfect to have right there on the top shelf so it’s easy to grab rather than having mom’s left-over green bean casserole eying me down (delicious, but doesn’t fit in the low-calorie category). For my salad, I use red leaf lettuce and spinach and chop up tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and mushrooms then toss them in. I like to add sprouts for extra texture. Having a pre-made salad in my fridge is perfect for a healthy on-the-go meal. Just have low-fat dressing handy and a fork! Add a can of tuna or avocado for some extra protein and vitamins, delicious :)

Eating healthy can be easy if you have prepped meals in your fridge ready to grab. When you have random food items and left over Burger King sitting on the top shelf, you’re more likely to order in or grab something you might later regret. I was watching the Today show, and a nutritionist said a study proved that those who keep healthy items within eye level view in their fridge or pantry are more than likely to eat healthy and lose more weight. I thought that was interesting – so try it! Challenge yourself – have healthy prepped food ready in your fridge and plan ahead. Also think about this – the amount of time it takes to wait at a drive through, is the same amount of time it takes to make your own sandwich!

  • http://www.jathanandheather.com Jathan Fink

    Amanda, I’m glad you’re maintaining your blog. When you originally presented this as a class assignment a couple years ago, I thought it was one of the better ideas in the blogging class. Healthy eating is so important for good health, and as a parent it is even more important to be conscious of what you eat because now you’re setting an example for a little one too.

    One of the best ways we’ve made effort to eat healthier is to prepare our own meals at home. Here in Cincinnati we have Findlay Market, so we always stock up on all our meats for about two weeks in advance, while making more frequent stops at places like Pipkins to purchase produce.

    It does take effort to plan ahead though, to constantly keep menus fresh and interesting, but by doing so we’ve found that our first choice is to make our own meals rather than eat out, and now we very rarely eat at any restaurants, fast food or otherwise. Since making these changes we feel better, have lost weight, and have improved as home chefs.

  • http://www.healthwardandonword.wordpress.com achayward

    Thank you Jathan, I really appreciate that. Means a lot!

    That’s great you guys turned towards a healthy lifestyle – it makes a huge difference. You two are quite the chefs, I really like your website! That’s great you are doing it together, you have more motivation when you have someone there by your side!